Things To Know About Polycarbonate Roofing

As well as the glass roof, there is the polycarbonate roof, a rigid plastic made from resins derived from carbon, which also does a good job serving as a covering for outdoor environments, being also resistant to ultraviolet rays. The material can be found in sheets and tiles.

There are three types of plates for reroofing and maintenance: compact, alveolar, and reflective (compact plates with anti-abrasive treatment and better thermal efficiency). In addition, it has an attractive appearance, available in transparent and opaque shapes. This type of ceiling is suitable for roofs and closures that require natural lighting, as its level of transparency reaches 90%.

Advantages Of Polycarbonate

  • The tiles are efficient transmitters of natural light and offer resistance to high and low temperatures;
  • They are 250 times more potent than Glass and 30 to 40 times stronger than acrylic;
  • They are 86% lighter than Glass; therefore, the necessary weight of a structure that supports the polycarbonate sheet is much smaller than that of Glass.
  • The polycarbonate sheets are treated against the attack of ultra-violet rays, maintain their transparency, and impact resistance through years of direct exposure to the sun.
  • Maintenance costs are much lower as maintenance is minimal.
  • Due to its transparency, compact polycarbonate is very similar to tempered/laminated glass, but with the possibility of being cold bent and with a much higher impact resistance (250 times more than Glass).

Drawbacks Of Polycarbonate

 Polycarbonate is easy to scratch. To clean it, abrasive products based on ammonia cannot be used, as it can corrode the material, so the idea is to use neutral soap and water. To further increase your protection, you can also apply an anti-abrasive film, which will preserve the material even more.

The process of manufacturing polycarbonate panels is not very nature friendly as it requires very high processing temperatures and is also very expensive. Furthermore, it requires phosgene, known for its harmful effects on human health, and chlorine, which is also harmful to the environment.

Polycarbonate is relatively cheaper compared to metal roofing, as is its structure. Due to the noise that a tile built with this material can provide. Glass is much more resistant and lasts longer if laminated, making it less noisy on rainy days, for example.