Why it is essential to keep a check on commercial HVAC systems?

The mold growth generally occurs under specific conditions. It generally needs water, the right temperature, and a food source to grow and it gets all in the HVAC system, especially of commercial buildings. Water from the excess moisture encourages growth. 

It has been seen that the HVAC shows a certain effect on the indoor moisture of commercial property. When the system is not working properly or there is any performance issue, the mold will start growing. Hence, you should start paying attention to the heating and air conditioning system. Look into some of the measurable steps that help you in controlling mold development. These involve – 

Check the drain pans and coils

The coils are intended for dehumidifying the air and condensate the water, which is dripping into the pan. The water builds inside the deep seal trap causes mold to grow. Hence, you should make sure that the drain pan must be clean properly on regular basis. 

Making use of proper ventilation and dehumidification equipment

This step helps in avoiding the excess indoor moisture present in the commercial property. The highly trained technicians work toward eliminating mold growth. Abacus Plumbing offers you a wide range of repairing services to meet the expectations of users. 

The right time to call the professionals for HVAC inspections

There are certain components of the HVAC system that are responsible for developing problems leading to mold growth. Such components include ducts, air filters, and air dampers. You can face these problems early or later, so it is better to call the experts for air cooling service

Abacus Plumbing is a renowned name when it comes to air conditioning services, plumbing, and electrical services. From air conditioning installation, HVAC repair, cleaning to maintenance, we meet all your expectations. Our services help you in maintaining your comfort level and keep your commercial property mold-free. The exceptional solutions that our team provides make your HVAC system works for a longer period. To book an appointment, you can call us today by connecting with our customer support team.