What is the next step after GATE Result?

Every year, around 9 lakh students appear for the Graduation Aptitude Test for Engineering or GATE. Throughout the year, students practice and do the necessary preparation to pass the exam. It is because achieving a good score in GATE can be a breakthrough for your career. But, it is still unknown to students what should they actually do after getting the result.

To solve that, we have bought figured out some steps that can help you out. Here, you will know about what are new opportunities automatically emerge after getting a good score in GATE results. Read below to know about it in detail.

Explore Opportunities through Gate

A few years back GATE only allowed those who wanted to pursue their M.Tech after their Engineering graduation. But, today the organization has opened a lot of opportunities to ease the student’s dilemma a bit. Today, a GATE-qualified student can pursue not only his Post Graduation but also becomes eligible for different jobs in PSUs. Not only that, but GATE has also opened a new branch of Humanities to cater to the students belonging to Arts background. We have listed some options below to clarify your perspective after GATE.

Opt for Courses After Gate

The most common option after qualifying GATE is to go for M.E./M.Tech./Ph.D. in various NITs, IITs, or CFTIs. The selection of the students is based on the score they get in their GATE examination. Also, a candidate has to be aware of the institution to which he wants to get admission. The candidate should be aware of the specialization in which he or she wants to study further.

Gate Counselling

After qualifying for the GATE examination, the candidate has to go through CCMT or COAP counseling. After that the candidates lock their preferred institution, pay fees and register themselves as per their choice and eligibility.

Many private universities also intake some students in different programmes through GATE scores. So, the students also have free will here to choose their preferable university.

PSU Recruitments after Gate

After 2012, many PSUs have started recruiting GATE-qualified candidates based on their scores. Recruitment at an early age has somehow opened a new path for the candidates to follow. In 2020, companies like ONGC, DRDO, and IOCL announced direct recruitment of different specializations based on GATE scores. After this opportunity, many candidates have started to qualify for the exam with the aim to have a service in PSUs. It means that if you achieve a good score, you can get direct placement in these agencies.

Studying Abroad

There are many institutes and universities in countries like Germany, Singapore, and the United Kingdom where the admission of Indian students takes place based on their GATE score. Therefore, a student can have another option to choose his study place in foreign countries. It means the higher the score, the better. So, you can try filling up the forms in foreign universities and also get the chance to get a scholarship as well.

Get a Job in Teaching

In modern times, many universities and institutes prefer to recruit GATE-qualified candidates to work as teachers/mentors in their respective institutions. In India, many universities recruit such candidates to teach the students who are preparing for the upcoming GATE examinations or can refer to BYJU’s Exam Prep. With these kinds of opportunities, a candidate can earn a hefty amount of salary. It means that no one can stop you to explore different opportunities. You can guide students and earn without much hassle.

To sum up, in the last few years the opportunities through the GATE exam have increased for students. Either in getting jobs or fellowships at the PG level, the system has changed to its core. It has nullified the limited scopes of opportunities that hindered a variety of minds in the past.

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