Pros of skipping early stages in pokemon go

The biggest draw of buying a levelled-up pokemon go account is the rare, powerful Pokemon they often include. High-level accounts will have Pokemon like Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Lugia, and many other Legendries already caught and powered up. For a new player, it could take over a year of dedicated playing to acquire that same arsenal. These rare Pokemon are hard to find but require massive amounts of candy and stardust to level up and make viable for high-level gameplay like raids and battles. A pre-leveled account gives you an entire crew of these powerhouses right away.

Items and resources

Teams of rare creatures, and purchased accounts usually come stocked with huge amounts of Poke Balls, berries, incubators, star pieces, and other invaluable items. Trying to accumulate a surplus of these resources naturally is incredibly time-consuming. Having a folder full of premium items from the start is incredibly advantageous. These are accounts also have millions of stardust, candy, and revives saved up – letting you instantly pump up your Pokemon’s CP and heal them after tough battles. For anyone who has spent months grinding and saving up these basic resources, being able to skip that tedium is extremely appealing.

Access to regional exclusives

Part of what makes a pre-leveled pokemon go accounts so enticing is the Pokemon included that would ordinarily require international travel. Regional exclusive Pokemon like Relicanth, Tropius, and Torkoal are instantly obtained when you buy an account. For players who don’t have the money or ability to travel the world, purchasing an account loaded with region-locked Pokemon is the easiest way to catch them all. Having Pokémon from various continents also lets you build diverse, powerful teams tailored for any situation.

Gameplay options available

Higher-level Pokemon Go accounts provide access to endgame content you couldn’t participate in from the start. This includes the ability to take on extremely high-level raids, compete in tournaments, join elite teams for regional competitions, and more. At lower levels, you’re essentially locked out of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of the game until you’ve ground for months or years to build up your resources and Pokemon. Purchasing top-tier account catapults you right into the thick of the action and community events.

Play how you want

For many players, the idea of spending countless hours in the early game grinding just to get access to the real meat of Pokemon Go is extremely unappealing. By buying a pre-built account, you bypass that repetitive catching/evolving cycle and get right into developing strategies, customizing teams, and experiencing every aspect of the game’s full potential. Everyone has different ways they like to spend their gaming time. If you’re a working professional, student, or parent without enough free time to invest in the long level-up process, paying for a head start could be ideal. It allows you to optimize your gameplay sessions around what you find most engaging without being bogged down by the tedium of early levels.

Low up-front cost

While dropping money on a mobile game account may seem contradictory to keeping costs low, in many cases, it ends up being more cost-effective than playing from scratch. High-level accounts put in the work acquiring rare Pokemon and resources over many years. To try replicating that solo as a new player, you’d have to spend drastically more money on incubators, lures, incense, and other micro transactions to the time investment. For example, many of the top accounts for sale include dozens of Level 30+ Pokemon that were obtained during special limited-time events years ago that are impossible to acquire anymore legitimately.