Different Ways CamGirls Earn

The camgirl industry has really taken the porn market by storm. Starting back in 1996 when Jenny Ringhers placed a webcam in her dorm room and broadcasted the content live to her website, JensCam, which is now a lucrative business. After the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw a huge rise within the camgirl industry. Let’s take a little dive into how to make money being a cam girl.

What Is a CamGirls Average Monthly Income?

On average camgirls make around $58 per hour. Trans cam models make around $50 an hour and male models make around $40 an hour. Quite interesting to know that it’s quite a lucrative side income or even full-time income. If they work on average let’s say 8 hours a day, like any other person, they would earn a monthly salary of around $11000 to $15000.

How Many Hours Do CamGirls Work Per Month?

Most cam models work between 3 to 12 hours a day depending on how popular they are and how they manage their time. If we calculate how many hours cam girls work per day, it works out to around 60 to 260 hours a month. They basically choose their own hours, but outside of live shows they need to maintain viewer engagement, do the planning, and sell other items online, etc to build their brand.

Ways That CamGirls Supplement Their Income

Let’s take a quick look at how to make money being a cam girl. There are many different ways that CamGirls can supplement their income. Once a member becomes their fan, they tend to become infatuated after spending time building a connection. They then look for other methods to get to know you or see more of you, so they request to purchase videos or images, merch, enter your competitions, etc, and support you.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways:


  • providing images and video content for download at a fee;
  • creating a competition and selling tickets;
  • selling merch such as T-shirts, mugs, etc;
  • selling personalized sex toys for both men and women;
  • charging extra for certain acts.

There are plenty of different ways to maximize your income as a camgirl. It is certainly beneficial, as you surely don’t want to be online eight hours a day having virtual sex. If you can use creative methods to maximize your income and build a fanbase, then you are doing things the right way. We hope you found what you were looking for on how to make money being a cam girl.

In conclusion, camming is a lucrative industry, but like any other self-employed person or freelancer, it still takes some work and a lot more than what you see in the live video chat. It is, however, worth every cent. The beauty is you can set your own hours and do your admin at a time of day that suits you best. You control your day, your day doesn’t control you.