Amazing Benefits of Installing Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring

Realistic designs and textures

LVT flooring comes in realistic plank, which is one of the benefits of LVT flooring, tile formats, and herringbone in a wide choice of designs that appeal to your own fashion, trends, and tastes.

LVT flooring has the benefit of being able to combine high performance with designs that mirror the look of natural stone, patterned tiles, and wood grains. Luxury vinyl tile from ranges like Malmo Senses features registered embossed technology which can realistically replicate the feel and look of real wood because the surface texture and design are printed with the visual pattern of the wood grain.

Easy Installation

LVT flooring is much easier and faster to install when compared to natural wood and stone. LVT flooring product has two types for example Stickdown and rigid click that are installed through different methods. The rigid click system is laid and locked into place whereas Stickdown is glued to the subfloor. In domestic and commercial applications, the choice of methods allows for flexibility.

Without the need for power tools, both installation systems are easy to fit and the flooring is easily cut to size with a Stanley knife or any similar hand tool. This also makes it an environmentally safe product to install with no chemical particles or dust to worry about.

Unique Properties

LVT flooring has so many benefits and unique properties; its waterproof property is one of the unique features of it and the fact that it is both softer and warmer than regular laminate and tiles. Yet another advantage of LVT flooring is that it is supplied in packs of tiles or planks and it is lightweight and easy to transport and handle.

LVT flooring offers luxurious, stylish, and long-lasting looks with far easier cleaning and none of the ongoing care or maintenance issues of real wood flooring. Luxury vinyl tile ultimately offers a wide design scope range of commercial applications as well as for any room within the home.

How to Lay LVT Flooring

  • Always allow 48 hours for the LVT product to adjust in the room where it will be installed.
  • Use a good quality leveling compound and take the appropriate time to prepare the subfloor.
  • When installed over underfloor heating, the surface temperature not be allowed to exceed 27’C and expansion gaps should be 10mm.
  • You should install a door profile in every doorway.
  • The determined area of coverage without an expansion break is 10m x 10m.

If you select the correct products and the right method of flooring installation will be successful, so take the time to learn about the product before installing and try to avoid simple mistakes which could be big problems down the line.