What Flower Means New Beginnings?

Some flowers have the meaning of a good start. Usually, flowers that have this meaning are used as wedding gifts, the birth of a child, or at the inauguration of a new business.

Flower delivery Singapore such as Flower Advisor provides selected flowers. There are various kinds of flowers to choose from as a symbol of a new beginning. What are they?

Baby Breath Flower

This flower has tiny petals. This flower grows a lot in Eastern Europe. There are about 55 species that can be found in Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean, and Europe. In foreign languages, this flower is also often called gypsophila paniculata. This flower belongs to the Caryophyllaceae.

Baby breath flowers bloom in early spring to late fall. While the time to grow this flower takes between 8 to 12 weeks.

As the name suggests, this flower can also be defined as a baby’s breath. A Baby’s breath can mean innocence, purity, and pure whiteness. This meaning as a whole can be interpreted as a new beginning. That is why this flower is often used at weddings or for someone who has just given birth. At weddings, this flower is usually used as a hand bouquet for the bride.

Baby breath flowers can create a classic impression. This flower is often combined with roses. The combination of these two flowers can display the aesthetic side and deep meaning.

Yellow baby breath has the meaning of light and joy. This flower is often used for bridal decorations to decorate the room.

Baby breath pink is synonymous with a symbol of love. This flower is often found at the celebration of the birth of a baby girl. In addition, this flower is also often given to someone who is admired.

Baby breath with a little white combination symbolizes true love or eternity. Love is meant not only for lovers but also for family or friends. At the celebration of Mother’s Day, this flower is also often used as a gift.

At weddings, apart from being a hand bouquet, this flower is also often used as a wedding cake decoration. Not only as decoration but baby breath flowers can also make the cake more fragrant. Several types of food are deliberately mixed with this flower to add to the aroma and taste of the food.

Although it looks beautiful, initially this flower was considered a pest. Why? Because in its natural place, baby breath flowers grow quickly so they take nutrients from the surrounding plants.

Daisy Flower

Daisies are one of the most popular flowers in the world which exude freshness, happiness, and innocence. This flower has white petals encircling a yellow center in the middle. Most types of daisies bloom in early summer through fall. But even though it comes from Europe and Asia, this flower is easily found on every continent, except Antarctica.

Daisies thrive in wet and dry climates, as well as in sunny or shady areas. Daisies can also grow in the mountains or in flat and grassy fields.

Daisies are related to sunflowers. The name daisy comes from the English phrase Daes Eage which means eye of the day. The name reflects how its petals close at night and open in the morning.

As a flower, the daisy symbolizes purity, loyalty, patience, and simplicity. A bouquet of daisy flowers can be a specific gesture depending on the color chosen.

White daisies have the meaning of love, loyalty, and innocence. In addition, the white daisy also symbolizes a new beginning. Red daisies have a hidden meaning of love and admiration. While the orange daisy has the meaning of passion, warmth, and joy.

Lily Flower

Who doesn’t love a lily bouquet? Of course, many like the lily bouquet.

Lilies are summer flowers with the surname Lilium. Lilies have broad petals like trumpets. Lilies have pistils like matchsticks. The leaves of the lily plant are green and the stems are elongated. Lilies are native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean. Lilies have many beautiful colors. Lilies also have a fragrant aroma.

In Greek legend, lilies came from the milk shed by the goddess Hera. When Dewi Hera was breastfeeding her child, she accidentally spilled her milk on the earth. That was the beginning of the growth of lilies on earth.

Lilies are often used as flower bouquets. In fact, lilies are dubbed the queen of the garden. Lili has the meaning of purity, purity, and modesty. Lilies are considered a symbol of beauty and are often mentioned in the Bible.

A lily bouquet is generally given to a lover to express the amount of love he has. A bouquet of white lilies indicates loyalty, sincerity, chastity, strong devotion, and the beginning of a new life. Usually, a bouquet of white lilies is used as a hand bouquet on the wedding day.

A bouquet of yellow lilies means true friendship. But if someone gives a bouquet of yellow lilies in excess, the meaning will be different. It can mean falsehood or depressed feelings.

A bouquet of red lilies has the meaning of abundant prosperity and wealth. A bouquet of orange lilies has the great meaning of hatred, lies, and humiliation.

The three flowers above are not only for weddings, the birth of a baby, or the inauguration of a business, but can also be used as gifts for sick people. Giving flowers to the sick will reflect support for healing. Besides flowers, we can also replace them with get-well-soon hampers. Of course, this gift is no less special than a bouquet of flowers.