Significance of Education in Human Life

Education is an indispensable part of human lives. It plays a very significant role in evolving us into better human beings. It can be considered the foundation of all our progress. Like the words told by Aristotle – “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” The more we learn, the more we can explore the world. Apart from building our intelligence and supporting us to achieve a good career, education plays numerous other roles in our lives. When compared to the traditional forms of education, modern-day education has marked a great transformation. Teachers have realised the ultimate purpose of education and have started structuring syllabi accordingly. 

Teachers have an unsubstitutable position in the life of every child. They are the pillars of the educational system and can even be considered contributors to brainpower. Teachers play a number of roles in the life of kids; sometimes, they are called educators, trainers, instructors, coaches, mentors, confidants, counsellors, and even accidental parents. Everyone has a special teacher who marked a great influence on their life. Teachers are one of the most inspiring personalities in our lives. They work tirelessly to supplement knowledge for the betterment of generations. But still, their devotion is left unnoticed in many cases. Activities like My Favourite Teacher provide an opportunity for children to express their admiration for their dearest teacher. 

Benefits of Kids Online Classes 

The term ‘online’ has become very common for us. Apart from the real version, almost everything around us has an alternative online version for it. The introduction of the internet and access to things online has brought dynamic changes in our lives. It has made our lives easier and unchallenging. Even though the internet has established its dominance in almost every sector of our lives, it has marked a significant impact on the educational system. With the support of technology, the conventional form of education got modified into a new version known as online education. Online education is a digitalised way of learning and teaching. The functioning of the online mode of education takes place with the support of digital platforms, which helps teachers to introduce new concepts to kids in the form of recorded, live, and animated videos, audios, images etc. 

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has greatly backed the progress of online mode of education. Online learning appeared as a boon for teachers and students all over the world. It marked a perfect entry when people were left with no other options than to sit idle in their homes. Kids online classes marked a dynamic shift in the mode of education. It transfigured the system of education from its typical format to a new, easily approachable one. There are a number of benefits offered by online education, and some of its main benefits are listed below. 

  • Online classes are more convenient and flexible. When compared to the traditional form of learning, it provides us with enough time to balance our personal life and education. Kids can follow their passion, enjoy their leisure time, perform exercises, pursue their hobbies etc. They also receive an opportunity to access additional courses and explore new possibilities. 
  • Kids feel much more relaxed when they are at home. Online classes help them reduce their anxiety and help for their better academic performances. 
  • Online classes have helped kids to eliminate the necessity of travelling for education. Just by a click, they can access classes of their favourite subjects on their smartphones or laptops. It helps them to save time and to stay away from the pollution offered by the vehicles in the traffic. It also helps them to save enough money. 
  • Online classes grant us the chance to instantly clear our doubts. Kids can easily raise their questions online, and teachers can quickly clear their doubts. It offers personalised training for kids and supports them to be updated in learning. 
  • When compared with the traditional system of education, online classes help kids to concentrate more on learning. It is hard to concentrate on offline live lectures for a long period of time as there will be a lot of distractions affecting our focus. But in online classes, the frequency of distraction is much lower, and it provides a learning environment for kids. 

These are some of the main benefits offered by online classes for kids. For more such kid-friendly topics and stories, visit BYJU’S website.