Unexpected bills caught you off guard. Unfortunately, we have all experienced this in a time of our life needing to scrape together extra cash and fast! 

But, the good news is you can earn extra cash that includes taking a loan, pawning something, or selling your gold jewellery to a pawn shop near me. Today, we will show you how you can quickly get big money selling your jewellery edition. 

So, follow this easy checklist before deciding what you want to take to a pawn dealer. 

What Not To Take To a Pawn Shop

If you are unsure what you can take to a pawnbroker to get your money’s worth, the first step is to recognize what type of jewellery pieces you have and what they do not buy, sell, or pawn. For example, most jewellery dealers do not purchase costume jewellery (base metals, plastic, glass), gold plated, electroplated, gold-filled, and lose stone jewellery.

The reason is that most of the time, the piece’s value is not worth buying and selling them is difficult. If you are uncertain about the jewellery pieces. Look online for a pawn shop near me and take them in to have a quick jewellery evaluation done. The pawnbroker is more than glad to perform some tests to help determine the value of your items. 

Bring the Following to a Pawn Shop Near You

Pawnshops carry a wide selection of fine gold jewellery, and they get in a new inventory daily. Many of the pieces sold are precious metals and gems, necklaces, rings, and watches. If you want to sell your jewellery, you need to bring the following pieces to get top dollar prices. 

Pawnshops buy gold, white gold, platinum, silver, diamond jewellery, gold and silver coins, and broken gold. You can even sell your keepsakes, collectables, fine gold jewellery, or gold used as an investment to a pawn dealer. 

The same applies if you are uncertain about the gold purity of your jewellery pieces. Again, the pawnbroker is more than willing to access the value for you. They will sort your gold pieces into karats and weigh them to determine the current gold market price value.

The same applies to other precious metals you have, from silver to platinum and paid according to the market value on that day for silver or platinum. 

Get Fast Payday Cash Today

You can walk in with your jewellery at the pawnshop to have it valued to get cash in hand. There is no need for waiting for checks or a bank transfer to clear. 

The best part is that even if your gold pieces are broken, you can sell it to a pawnshop for scrap gold and still get money to fill those holes. 

But remember not to expect a high price on the buyback of the gold for scrap as it is determined on the gold melt value and not the gold value price. You can expect between 70% to 80% for your scrap gold.