Contemporary Cosy: Aussie Winter Clothing Essentials

The Aussie winter can be relentless. It bites, it chills, it freezes to the bone, and this is especially if you live in the south. But, at the end of the day, it’s not exactly the middle of a Montreal winter, and we don’t really need snow boots and the thickest winter coat just to get us to work in the morning.

However, we still need a wardrobe that is replete with the styles that will keep us warm and elegant in our chic cities and towns.

So, with this in mind, here are some Aussie winter essentials to add to your collection when the days get short and the mornings frosty:

The essential coat

Where would us Adelaideans, Melbournians, Sydneysiders and more be without the essential coat? That extra padding, that full zip and faux fur hood is essential for keeping us warm from the neck down to the thighs. One of the best choices can be found at an Elm Lifestyle sale.

These coats are specially-designed to keep out those biting winter winds, the kind us southerners really feel and make us long for the warmer days to come. They will keep out that nasty chill the moment you step out of the relative comfort of your morning commute and walk the chilly streets to work.

The puffer vest

A contemporary classic, the puffer vest can be seen anywhere from Friday drinks to Sunday brunches and beyond. Perfect for morning walks with furry friends and Saturday afternoons at the kids sport, the puffer vest cannot be overlooked as a winter wardrobe essential. What’s more, they allow for ultimate freedom of movement, further cementing their place as an imperative for brisk morning walks on crisp, sunny winter mornings.

The classic sweat

Because unless you are awaiting the emergency technician to come and fix your busted heater you probably don’t need to wear a coat or puffer indoors. Enter the classic sweat: the go-to for all things cosy and home-related. Whether lying around on the couch with your favourite takeaway and watching a Disney flick with the kids or preparing Sunday lunch for the fam, you can’t beat the classic sweat when it comes to at-home comfort.

Because, whilst you can crank up the heating as much as you want, it never hurts to have that extra layer to ensure that if you have to duck outside that you will be warm upon reentry. What’s more, their cosy material just oozes comfort, helping us to further enjoy those frosty winter days indoors with our loved ones.

The elegant blazer

Because you might find yourself at a sophisticated indoors event and one in which the coat or puffer doesn’t fit the mode. What’s more, coats and puffers can be a little too toasty indoors even if it is the middle of an especially chilly Melbourne winter.

Therefore, the elegant blazer is one of the best ways to warm the body whilst looking absolutely gorgeous in the process. They show that you know how to dress for winter occasions whilst ensuring you feel comfortable in the process. And, after all, the combination of style and comfort is essential in the middle of winter, right?

Be sure to fill your wardrobe with these winter essentials. Every day you will find yourself needing at least one of them, whether you’re chilling at home or heading to an elegant work event!