Five key Skills Needed for Success in the Public Service

“Public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. It must be a complete dedication to the people and to the nation,” said Margaret Chase Smith.

Those people considering a job in public places service are usually fueled by a strong need to serve their communities, but what exactly does a career in public places service consist of besides serving others? Everyone service field is broad and involves an array of different occupations, so having a full understanding of the options available is crucial before starting throughout the educational journey to your picked career. Like any field, getting started out is usually the hardest part, from the tender are five key skills required in a public sector.


Communication skills, both verbal and written, are important in practically any job, but public maids must be able to communicate with a variety of folks from superiors and coworkers to clients and patients from all walks of life. Strong communication skills build strong relationships, and strong relationships are requisite to success in public service.

Collaborative leadership:

Collaborative command refers to the command of processes alternatively than the leadership of folks or groups. Collaborative leaders understand that in many surroundings, the best way to address troubles is not to get started with a plan and direct others to follow it, but instead to include others in the policy-making process. This kind of is particularly within public service adjustments where subordinates will often be the best method to obtain practical solutions to real-life problems.


Empathy refers to the awareness of and sensitivity to any potential problems, thoughts, and thoughts of others. An individual simply needs to understand and understand the feelings and experience more so you can better serve them. This can be crucial to many public service job opportunities considering that the core goal of those job opportunities is to help others.


Good results in any position require the trust of others, whether it’s coworkers, your superiors, or patients and clients. Trustworthiness is especially important in positions that require in-home care where employees receive admittance to a patient’s personal space and belongings. Those who work within unlawful justice should also be held to the highest standard when it comes to honesty.


Public servants are often caught between two conflicting planets. One of rigorous regulation and paperwork, and another of real-world problems and the constantly-changing needs of the public-at-large. In this environment cell phone calls for thoughts and actions that can bridge both planets through creative imagination and flexibility.

Karen McCleave is an Assistant Crown Attorney for more than 30 years. Karen was born and educated in Sault Ste Marie. Karen Mccleave Crown Attorney received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario, received her LL.B. from the University of Windsor, and was called to the Ontario Bar.