A Faster Way to Sober Up from Addiction

Many people often claim to be able to sober up much faster. Unfortunately, none of such theories are supported by scientific evidence. If you ask any medical practitioner how to swiftly sober up, they will tell you it is impossible.

The only method is to be hooked up to a dialysis machine and get your alcohol removed from your bloodstream directly. You may, however, take precautions to avoid being very inebriated and suffering from a nasty hangover.

The time it takes to recover from alcohol use differs from one person to other. The body expels alcohol at the rate of .015% per hour, which is the equivalent to.25 to.30 ounces of ethanol i.e. half – one drink every hour.

Regardless of the size, gender, or body shape of a person, this pace remains constant. However, how much amount you drank has an impact on the time it will take you to completely sober up. If you take more alcohol then longer it stays in the body.

.015 percent equals around one drink/hour in most circumstances. After a single glass of wine or beer, your body will be alcohol-free in roughly 1 – 2 hours.

If the blood alcohol content (BAC) is.08, your BAC will drop by.015 per hour. As a result, being completely sober and having the entire alcohol out of the system will take 5 – 6 hours.

There are a few addiction inpatient treatment centers in Los Angeles such as Concise Recovery Centergenerally will focus on a mixture of therapeutic and holistic services to treat the patient and help to get away from addiction.

There are,however, a few ways that one can try for sobering up from addiction:

  • Taking a bath in a cold shower

You can take a cold shower to wake up,but it will not completely reverse the alcohol effects. Care must be taken as a cold shower bath can offer a shock too.

  • Drink coffee

If you drink coffee then it can keep you more alert,but won’t break down the level of alcohol in your body. Also, coffee will further dehydrate you.

  • Get some sleep

If you sleep then it will enable your body to recover and also help to get rid of your alcohol from the system. Even taking a short nap will also help.

  • Eat healthy food

Both before andafter eating healthy foods, and also duringthe drink can help your alcohol absorption into the blood. However, it will not reduce your intoxication.

  • Keep drinking water

After consuming alcohol, drinking a lot of water can always help with hydration as well as flushing toxins out of your body.

  • Exercise

After drinking, exercise will help you to feel more awake and alert. Exercise can also help in your rapid alcohol metabolization by your body. However, scientific evidence for this still remains inconclusive.

  • Charcoal or carbon capsules

You can find carbon and charcoal capsules in local health food stores. Many indications were found that all these supplements can aid in the recovery of alcoholics. There is no scientific proof is available to support this claim.