DatA – Rapture (Video)

I first heard about electronic dancypants music producer guy, DatA from Paris, France through hearing the Pacific! remix of the song Rapture from his Rapture EP that could be very well considered a single since it was just the track with 2 remixes and a sequel. Alas, that was then and now is now– as … Read moreDatA – Rapture (Video)

Dre Skull – I Want You (Dre Skull Remix) (.mp3)

Brooklyn, NY based electronic/club/reggae/house uhh, musician/group, I’m not really sure, but it goes by the name Dre Skull and they/he is/are on Mixpak Records. It added me on MySpace yesterday. I checked out the music and I loved the “I Want You” single on the playlist. I danced around in my room to it, because … Read moreDre Skull – I Want You (Dre Skull Remix) (.mp3)