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If you are scared to throw it up, get the fuck out of the club.

I’ve had this song lingering in my iTunes library for years. I have no clue where I found it except that it was labeled as “Lankizzle Remix” and a Google search for Lankizzle comes up with a few, songs, from a mixtape titled Lankizzle Presents Video Game Remixes V2 that contained rap acapellas over beats that contained samples from classic video games. This track is a combination of the vocals from Lil’ Jon and The East Side Boyz’ “Throw It Up” (Feat. Young Buck & Pastor Troy) mixed with a beefed-up version of the Koji Kondo composed Sanctuary area music from The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past on the Super Nintendo. I hope to stumble across both of Lankizzle’s VG Remixes mixtapes one day.

// Eternal Summers : A Burial (Music Video)

Check out the music video for Roanoke, Virginia band Eternal Summers’ track, A Burial from their latest album titled The Drop Beneath available on compact disc and vinyl record through the Kanine Records record label here. The video was directed by Abraham Vilchez-Moran with assisted direction by Richard Perkins and was shot in Virginia Beach and Portsmouth, Virginia.


Check out this video trill of featuring Dyslexia, Cosmo, and Whyze Oner of Fugitive 9 performing the F9 track titled ‘Research Chemicals' that was shot all around the Norfolk Arts District.

With a fisheye lens.

With throwback peephole vignetting. 👍


The credits, as typed in the video description on YouTube are as follows:



// Sunny & Gabe – FREE CANDY! (EP)

The homies Gabe Niles and Sunny Gics whom joined forces as Sunny & Gabe just dropped their debut EP titled Free Candy last year on August 28th, 2013! (This is a repost due to the transitioning of our blog to a new platform without an easy way to move the old content over so we’re having to republish each post by hand individually.

Here are the liner notes of those involved with it’s production as typed up by Sunny on their website, sunnygabe.com: “Daniel Moore, Nichole Ashikis, drummer extraordinaire Thomas Kargbo, Eric Godsey [Selves - Lover’s Lane], Parris Pierce [Mixing] , Young Titi [Mixing], Ced Hughes [YDS - Hey], Brandon Jarod [Hey], Akeem Duncan & the folks from Quiet Lunch and ROX gallery, DDot Omen, Mike G, Benjamin Briggs, George Booker, Jelisa Osouna, Bradford Davis, the lovers in the 757, Jason Fugh, Alchemy NFK, Lionel Sapp, Christopher “Juschleekee” Revels, Life + Times, A+ room mate Stefan Skeeter and many, many more.”!

Listen to it on SoundCloud above!

Exclamation points!!!

Oh, and check them out on Facebook!

// D.R.A.M. : #EpicSummer (Album)

D.R.A.M. #EpicSummer Front Cover

#1EpicSummer from Hampton, VA artist D.R.A.M. is waaaaay left field for a hood southern hip hop album with a north-east feel.

The release, executive produced by Gabe Niles. features production from D.R.A.M., Kaine Solo, Gabe Niles, VERY RVRE (Whose credits include Purple Kisses for A$AP Rocky and Hood Pope for A$AP Ferg), Bub, Raisi K, Titti of Streetzonfire, and more. Guest artists include Mass, Heezy, Sunny & Gabe, and TIMMY!. The full credits as written by D.R.A.M. are below:

D.R.A.M. #EpicSummer Track Listing & Credits

If you’re a nerd, the tracks Cha Cha and Yoga Fire are especially dope as they use sampled audio from Super Mario World and one of the various Street Fighter 2 releases respectively.

Other stand out tracks include Cuchadoe and Feet In The Water and $.

It’s dope.

For more on D.R.A.M., check out his website at ONLY1DRAM.COM and on Twitter at @ONLY1DRAM.