Ted Wendler – Better High & Birdsong (Rough) (.mp3)


Ted Wendler‘s music is trippy and calming, but mostly calming though. It can also harvest thoughts of the ones we love– or like a whole lot. The subtle drug references help too.  Ted’s as of yet, untitled EP is coming out soon.


Ted Wendler – Better High – http://zshare.net/audio/6422991351c31cc7

http://thecluh.com/mp3/Ted Wendler – Better High (Rough) (thecluh.com).mp3

Ted Wendler – Birdsong – http://zshare.net/audio/6422991261d0b7a

http://thecluh.com/mp3/Ted Wendler – Birdsong (Rough) (thecluh.com).mp3

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