Dan Black – SYMPHONIES (video) & HYPNTZ (Notorious B.I.G. Cover) (.mp3)

Part Rihanna‘s “Umbrella” (edit: Garageband loop, Vintage Funk Kit 03 slowed down to 90bpm, also used in “Umbrella”), part Jack Nitzsche‘s sountrack from John Carpenter‘s amazing film, “Starman“, part Notiorious B.I.G., 100% awesome. The video above is for Dan Black‘s new single, SYMPHONIES from his upcoming album, ((un)). The song was originally released as a cover of Biggie’s “Hypnotize” (which was also mentioned in the eariler Herb Alpert post. Funny coincidence.) but for clearance reasons could not be used as a single on Dan’s album due out July 7th by (edit: found out it’s A&M/Polydor UK, yet another coincidence.) Polydor UK. He reworked it so it could be on the album and the video above is what resulted. I suggest listening to the original cover track first before watching the video. BLKN 4 LYF.

Dan Black – HYPNTZ (Notorious B.I.G. Cover) – http://usershare.net/3yruomutn3qv

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