Rock City – PTFAO ‘Independence Day’ The Official Unofficial Album (Album) & Rep V.I. (.mp3)


Independence feels so good, doesn’t it? Although signed to KonLive Records through Akon, singers/rappers/writers/brothers Theron and Timothy Thomas, known musically as Rock City couldn’t wait for their official album to be released– so they made their own and released it themselves! Just shows you that major-label signed artists can be independent too. Much respect. The album has features from Akon, B.O.B., Verse Simmonds and Lyric with production from Mad Scientist, Varsity Squad, Ghost, The Hipnotiks, Akon, Benny Haze and more.

Did I mention it’s free of charge?


Rock City – PTFAO ‘Independence Day’ The Official Unofficial Album –

Rock City – Rep V.I. (Prod. Benny Haze) City – Rep V.I. (Prod. Benny Haze) (

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