Beem – The Future


The Future‘ is a 2008 album by Swedish electronic music producer, Beem (Fredrik Mjelle) that features cover art for each of its tracks with vintage synthesizers and drum machines built from LEGO bricks by designer Frans Enmark. Listeners can expect a funky, jazzy, bassy experience when embarking on this 10 track musical high available legally and free of charge. The song ‘Ep9‘, whether intended or not, contains a melody reminiscent of the Roberta Flack and Donny HathawayBe Real Black for Me‘ sample used in rapper Scarface‘s 2002 single, ‘My Block‘ and it’s really, really cool. There’s also track made entirely with sounds from soda cans! Below is a video of a live version of ‘Mouth Everest.’


Beem – Is This the Future? (Feat. Daniel Dermes) – Is This the Future_ (feat. Daniel Dermes) (

Beem – Ep9 – Ep9 (


Beem – The Future (Album) –

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