HiCLAS! – The Unidentified: Redux (Mixtape) (Presented by The Cluh & Illusive Media)

HiCLAS! released a mixtape titled The Unidentified a few years ago, when he was just 17. He’s now 19 and revisited The Unidentified with a Redux featuring new tracks as well as tracks from the original release. The mixtape has guest appearances from XV, branDun DeShay and production by¬†Davin, SV and Sean of 31st Century, KReam Team, GlassCityKid, J. Dilla, Seven, Nick Arcade, Dante Lewis, SkateboardLee, Ced Hughes, Flying Lotus and Scoop DeVille. Click the link below to get to the release page with a full sampling of the tracks along with a link for downloading.

Download Page:


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