Pnuma Trio – Live At Red Rocks (Live Album)


Electronic group, Pnuma Trio on 1320 Records, has teamed up with Conscious Alliance to help bring emergency food to communities most in need. Their recent performance, recorded at the 9,000+ person capacity Red Rocks Amphitheatre outside of Denver, Colorado (part of STS9‘s sold out Day Out Of Time Celebration) has been released online as a free download with 100% of all donations going to Conscious Alliance.

Click the download link below to hear to the songs and download the album. The track When I’m Leaving, with background vocals by Ted Wendler can be heard in this post. If you have money in your PayPal or have a credit card, throw a few bucks their way to help support a good cause.


Pnuma Trio – When I’m Leaving (Live at Red Rocks) Trio – When I’m Leaving (


Pnuma Trio – Live At Red Rocks –

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