Quartersnacks.com – Best of 2010 (The Ignorant Edit)

The New York stuntwood homies, Quartersnacks.com, put out an ignant as hell year end montage. Shalom. Listen & Download: Far East Movement – Like a G6 (Party Ben’s G7 Summit Remix) – http://usershare.net/c1v52bwvglty The Diplomats – Salute – http://usershare.net/8i7bwy1r4dhr

Evidence of Yesterday: The DreamAfter (Free Album)

TheLoveInUs presents Evidence of Yesterday: The DreamAfter and calls it “a surreal daydream of creative ambition-ist.” The album feature Flash Frequency Music, Erick Arc Elliot, Hellacopter City, AOE and Obey City— all of whom, I believe, are residents of the Empire State of New York. The album download is available in various formats including high-quality FLAC … Read moreEvidence of Yesterday: The DreamAfter (Free Album)

Civilization by Marco Brambilla

Civilization is a video installation we created with artist/director Marco Brambilla for the elevators Standard Hotel in NYC. It’s comprised of over 400 video clips and it takes elevator passengers on a trip from hell to heaven as they go up or from heaven to hell as they go down. Pictures of the installation and … Read moreCivilization by Marco Brambilla

Reni Lane – Place For Us

On New Years Eve, I was mega ultra drunken and barely remember the events of that evening, but thanks to a reminder from friends Devon, Rob and Mafuzulah… er, Shomi, I learned that I was in the company of Reni Lane, an alt-pop artist from New York signed to Columbia Records. She has pretty awesome … Read moreReni Lane – Place For Us

Clipse – Popular Demand (Popeye’s) (Video & .mp3)

The video for the Clipse track ‘Popular Demand (Popeye’s)‘ featuring Cam’Ron from director Rik Cordero dropped today and will be played on the hour every hour on MTV 2 for a whole week. Til The Casket Drop drops Dropcember 8th. Listen & Download: Clipse – Popular Demand (Popeye’s) – http://usershare.net/s0w5ev88us0k http://thecluh.com/mp3/Clipse – Popular Demand (Popeyes) … Read moreClipse – Popular Demand (Popeye’s) (Video & .mp3)

Ed O.G. & Masta Ace – Little Young (Video)

This song/video, titled ‘Little Young‘ from the Boston/Brooklyn connect, Ed O.G. and Masta Ace pokes a little fun at a little thing like to call ‘mainstream hip-hop.’ The video was directed by Stephen Tapia and I’m not sure who did the motion graphics, but they’re on point. The album from the two MC’s, ‘Arts & … Read moreEd O.G. & Masta Ace – Little Young (Video)

Phoenix – Lisztomania (video) & New York, I Love You (trailer)

Phoenix is a band from France that I’ve just recently heard. Their current release, Wolfgang Amedeus Phoenix, on V2 Records/Loyauté was produced by Philippe Zdar of French house band, Cassius. Above is the first single Lisztomania mash-ed up with clips from the 1980’s movies Footloose, Mannequin and the John Hughes (R.I.P.) directed, The Breakfast Club … Read morePhoenix – Lisztomania (video) & New York, I Love You (trailer)

No Question? – Got Game? (mixtape)

Guesswho, Whatzisface, Harry Fraud, and DJ Buffalo are No Question? MC’s/producers from Brooklyn, New York, NY and Got Game? is a Hip-Hop project with 8bit/Chiptune/Nintendo inspired instrumentals they made in 2008, but was shelved for one reason or another. Recently, the guys at NYC venue The Yolk met up with Guesswho and asked if they … Read moreNo Question? – Got Game? (mixtape)

103JAMZ Exclusive Interview with The Game regarding Jay-Z Beef

Another Cluh exclusive… DJ B*Ryte hooked this up for local VA radio station, 103 Jamz with her, DJ Rick Geez and DJ Law interviewing Compton‘s own, The Game and discussing that certain topic regarding the brewing beef between him and NY rap legend, Jay-Z. Part 1 is above, while part 2 is below: