Play Cloths ‘PCU Thunderbirds’ Video Lookbook

Black dudes playing street hockey. That’s all you need to know. …but if you absolutely need to know more: Illusive Media made the film, Jet Audio Music produced the soundtrack, and the piece is an advertisement for Play Cloths final collection of 2011, titled PCU Thunderbirds.

The Hood Internet – Virginia is for Cameras (Clipse vs. Matt and Kim)

Pusha-T was just in town with Big Sean and Lex Lugar a few days ago. Here’s a new mash-up of Clipse mixed with Matt and Kim from The Hood Internet they just dropped. “We miss you Shampoo, we miss you Shampoo– and your grams too.“ Listen & Download: The Hood Internet – Virginia is for … Read moreThe Hood Internet – Virginia is for Cameras (Clipse vs. Matt and Kim)

Clipse – Life Change (Feat. Pharrell and Kenna) (Music Video)

New music video for Life Change from the Clipse album Til The Casket Drops featuring Kenna and Pharrell Williams. The video was shot and edited by Alexander Germanotta of Richmond, VA. Purchase: Clipse – Til The Casket Drop (Album) – Amazon, iTunes

Ab Liva and iCan – Yen Euro Dollar (¥€$) Vol. 1 (Free EP)

Re-Up Gang member and Philadelphia rapper, Ab Liva just released a free EP with fellow Philly rapper, iCan titled Yen Euro Dollar Vol. 1. It features Malice and Pusha-T of the Clipse, Gilbere Forté and RES. Listen & Download: Ab Liva and iCan – Yen Euro Dollar (¥€$) Vol. 1 (Free EP)- Ab Liva and … Read moreAb Liva and iCan – Yen Euro Dollar (¥€$) Vol. 1 (Free EP)

This Is Only A Test

New video blog/short film from Cluh homie, Malice (of the Clipse) featuring Jacob and Tyler from the band Mae making an appearance as Jesus and the devil. Shot and edited by Shomi of the Illusive Media with music supervision by myself. The devil is dope… Listen & Download: The Dramatics – The Devil is Dope … Read moreThis Is Only A Test

Mansions on the Moon Promo Clip

Promotional video for Mansions on the Moon (Ben Hazlegrove, Ted Wendler and Lane Shaw) with appearances from Shae (N*E*R*D), Chad Hugo (The Neptunes), Malice (Clipse), STS9 & Christian Rich. Mixtape mixed by DJ Benzi and Diplo coming soon. See for updates.

Clipse – Popular Demand (Popeye’s) (Video & .mp3)

The video for the Clipse track ‘Popular Demand (Popeye’s)‘ featuring Cam’Ron from director Rik Cordero dropped today and will be played on the hour every hour on MTV 2 for a whole week. Til The Casket Drop drops Dropcember 8th. Listen & Download: Clipse – Popular Demand (Popeye’s) – – Popular Demand (Popeyes) … Read moreClipse – Popular Demand (Popeye’s) (Video & .mp3)