Harley – I’m Home (Produced by Majik) (.mp3)


For the last few months I had assumed I had linked the submissions email address to my personal email account– but I didn’t. For now on, I’ll have the account linked properly and content will be reviewed and posted in a more timely manner. Click here for the submissions page on how to send your music, videos, etc. for inclusion on the site (with dopeness pending.)

Last month, Harley sent a track titled ‘I’m Home‘ produced by Majic from his upcoming EP, ‘When Girls Eat Apples‘ coming soon. Is that Final Fantasy sampled in the background!?

Listen & Download

Harley – I’m Home – http://usershare.net/6rx0c7b1t55m

http://thecluh.com/mp3/Harley – Im Home (Produced by Majik) (thecluh.com).mp3

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