Clipse – I’m Good (Feat. Pharrell Williams) (video)

The music video for ‘I’m Good‘ by Virginia Beach, VA rap duo, Clipse featuring Virginia Beach, VA producer/singer/rapper/writer Pharrell Williams was released yesterday. Click here to peep the behind the scenes clip from Virginia Beach, VA production/multimedia outfit, Illusive Media in conjunction with Virginia Beach, VA t-shirt company Dumskeme.

Clipse – I’m Good (Feat. Pharrell WIlliams) Behind The Scenes

Dumskeme Shomi should know better when it comes to DNS servers and Addon-Domiains, as videos in the Dumskeme Blog don’t play properly becasue the site is embedded in a giant frame. Frames went out of style before I hit puberty… so bring Dumskeme to the Shomillenium! Haha. Shomi was invited last weekend to LA by … Read moreClipse – I’m Good (Feat. Pharrell WIlliams) Behind The Scenes