HiClas! – If You (Freestyle) (As They Wonder) (.mp3)


My man, HiClas! from Chicago, IL, freestyled over VA homie, Max Mega‘s track, “If You” featuring Justin Battle, from his debut tape, “For The Listeners…” If I remember correctly, Gabe Niles produced the track. Either way, the track is dope– even though I can barely follow Clas’ words due to my circadian rhythm being all funked up from working too much lately. Big up’s to Max for allowing Clas to hock loogies all over the instrumental. That’s peer 2 peer sharing at it’s best. Learn from it.

Also, I finally got my camera back– so keep on the look out for a no-budget video for Max Mega’s “HipHopIsGood” featuring Artie Ziff we shot before I got all Thurgood a month or so ago.


HiClas! – If You (Freestyle) (As They Wonder) – http://zshare.net/download/527794402db5ca95

http://thecluh.com/mp3/HiClas! – If You (Freestyle) (As They Wonder) (thecluh.com).mp3

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