Snuff Daddy Presents: Grindhouse Vol. 1

New stuff from Snuff. Check them out on MySpace and You can listen to the song “Goin’ In” from the ‘tape; I chose it because Snuff Daddy are from Richmond, Virginia and the writer of the original “I’m Goin’ In“, Nickelus-F, is also from Richmond. I also put the first track, Greet Death because they sampled the Explosions in the Sky track of the same name.

Listen & Download:

Snuff Daddy Presents: Grindhouse Vol. 1 –

Snuff Daddy – Goin’ In – Daddy – ¬†Goin’ In (

Snuff Daddy – Greet Death – Daddy – Greet Death (

Snuff Daddy – Middle Finger – Daddy – Middle Finger (

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