Nardwuar interviews N*E*R*D – The Extended Version (Video)

This one goes out to all my fellow Virginia Beach heads. Nardwuar the Human Serviette from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada interviewed Pharrell and Shae from N*E*R*D. The interview is possibly one of the best interviews ever of all time. Canadian music channel, MUCH aired this interview and this interview/video alone just exemplifies just how bad our MTV really is. Nardwuar brings up Aladdin’s Castle, The Chuck Norris Karate Center in Timberlake (my hometurf), The Military Circle MallEdgar Cayce and other, you-have-to-of-lived-in-VB-to-really-know-about-it landmarks/happenings. I am as surprised as Pharrell is during the above interview right now.

All I’m going to say is that when he asked Pharrell afterward to ask Jay-Z for an interview, Pharrell emailed, texted and blew up Jay’s phone to get the guy an interview.

Oh Canada!

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