Mansions on the Moon – Lightyears EP (Full Download)

The homies, Mansions on the Moon released their first ‘full’ release, an EP titled Lightyears last week on iTunes and for free through their website. Click here to get it on iTunes for only $3.99. (That’s less than a dollar per track!) or click here to get the release, for free, from their website.

Mansions on the Moon – For Awhile (320kbps .MP3)

Cover art above, fan made visual and 320kbps .MP3 download below. You know the drill. Listen & Download: Mansions on the Moon – For Awhile (320kbps) – Direct Download –

Pusha-T – Fear of God (Mixtape) (192kbps) (Proper Tags)

The new mixtape Fear of God from the homie, Pusha-T— with properly formatted tags. The CD quality version will drop eventually. The tape features Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Nottz, Kanye West, Inkredibles, Kevin Cossom, Neptunes, Hitboy and more.  Artwork by Illusive Media, because we street. Listen & Download: Pusha-T – Fear of God (Mixtape) (192kbps) (Proper Tags) … Read morePusha-T – Fear of God (Mixtape) (192kbps) (Proper Tags)

Pat Gallaher & Jack Olson’s part from Flow Trash

Tim Fulton, Philip Schwartz and Pete Spooner present Flow Trash, a skate video out of Minnesota starring all your favorite minneapolis skateboarders! The video features skateboarders Tabari Cook, Ian Sherman, Casey Copenhaver, Dan Narloch, Dom Randazzo, Cj Tambornino, Tim Huey, David Jaimes, Davis Torgerson and Tyler Ryan. The video is available now for purchase via … Read morePat Gallaher & Jack Olson’s part from Flow Trash

Mansions on the Moon – Diplo and DJ Benzi Present: Paradise Falls (Mixtape)


Data Airlines – The Knife (album)

Chiptune record label/collective Data Airlines released this gem back in January and I stumbled upon it a few days ago. It features Zalza, Excellence in Art, Random, Misfitchris, Dubmood and more covering the music of Swedish electro/rock duo The Knife with a chippy, blip-bloopy flare. Listen and download below or read more/sample the album on … Read moreData Airlines – The Knife (album)

Dan Black – SYMPHONIES (video) & HYPNTZ (Notorious B.I.G. Cover) (.mp3)

Part Rihanna‘s “Umbrella” (edit: Garageband loop, Vintage Funk Kit 03 slowed down to 90bpm, also used in “Umbrella”), part Jack Nitzsche‘s sountrack from John Carpenter‘s amazing film, “Starman“, part Notiorious B.I.G., 100% awesome. The video above is for Dan Black‘s new single, SYMPHONIES from his upcoming album, ((un)). The song was originally released as a … Read moreDan Black – SYMPHONIES (video) & HYPNTZ (Notorious B.I.G. Cover) (.mp3)

Mash-Up Monday #2: Lil’ Jon and the East Side Boyz – Throw It Up (Lankizzle Remix) (Feat. Young Buck & Pastor Troy) (.mp3)

I’ve had this song lingering in my iTunes for years. I have no clue where I found it except that it was labeled as “Lankizzle Remix” and a Google search for Lankizzle comes up with a few, songs, from a mixtape titled Lankizzle Presents Video Game Remixes V2 that contained rap acapellas over beats that … Read moreMash-Up Monday #2: Lil’ Jon and the East Side Boyz – Throw It Up (Lankizzle Remix) (Feat. Young Buck & Pastor Troy) (.mp3)

Britney Mac – Choose (Prod. Rahk) (.mp3)

This song, titled Choose (and produced by Virginia native, Rahk) is by Los Angeles rapper/writer Britney Mac whom has quite the following… with over 50,000 friends and over 2 million plays on her MySpace page and features on mixtapes from artists/groups like Blok Fam, School Boy Q, Tyga, and more. So have your ears peep … Read moreBritney Mac – Choose (Prod. Rahk) (.mp3)

Craig Bass – Heavy Rotation & Brain Surgery (Demo) (.mp3s)

Craig Bass is a songwriter, performer, producer, artist and composer from Tegucigalpa, Honduras whom moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1996. During that year, at the ripe age of 6, he developed an interest in music and by the time he was 14, armed with a cassette records and a radio, he started to record … Read moreCraig Bass – Heavy Rotation & Brain Surgery (Demo) (.mp3s)

Royan The Beatbox – The White Noise (.mp3)

I was going to write something detailed about this song from Rebel-E’s Royan The Beatbox that was produced by Gabe Niles, but then I realized I didn’t have to as it is something different for the ears and speaks for it’s self. When I first listened to it, I was unsure about it but then … Read moreRoyan The Beatbox – The White Noise (.mp3)

Ted Wendler – Window (Demo) (.mp3)

Ted Wendler uit Minneapolis, Minnesota legt in een studio in Atlanta, Georgia de laatste hand aan een album dat vermoedelijk aan het eind van de zomer verschijnt. Tot die tijd moeten we het doen met nummers die hij op een laptopje in zijn slaapkamer opnam. “Scratch recordings”, aldus Ted. Dat mag zo zijn, maar het … Read moreTed Wendler – Window (Demo) (.mp3)