Metal Militia – Hold Me Down & I.L.O. (.mp3s)


Metal Militia is an under–I mean, overground, hip-hop group out of Richmond, Virginia. They’re so fresh, they don’t even have a MySpace page yet. Shit, their music is so fresh that still eats, breathes and reproduces. Luckily, they bring the slaughter and kill on the mic(s) over, in opinion, murderous instrumentation. (PETA, the last two sentences we’re designed especially for y’all. Quit fretting, before I start making fly refrences too.)

It’s good to see hip-hop like this coming out of the VA side of the atmosphere. Take a listen to the following joints, kick back and light something, whether it be a bulb over your head or a fat blunt, if that’s your thing. Also check back on Friday for another Militia track in The Cluh‘s first Friday Feast featuring a .zip archive of the weeks music, plus leftovers that didn’t make it to the site.

Metal Militia – Hold Me Down – Militia – Hold Me Down (

Metal Militia – I.L.O. – Militia – I.L.O. (

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