Craig Bass – Blue Sky, Grey Clouds EP (mixtaEP)


It’s here and skies are clear! Craig Bass‘ EP, Blue Sky, Grey Clouds is out today. It features Sunny Tuff, Youngs, Elz, Saint, E.R., Tru Story, Cali Stylz, Kwalified Emcee, Yung J & Wise The Future with production by Chioz Van Nassau. Craig and Elz did the artwork.


Craig Bass – Blue Sky, Grey Clouds EP


Craig Bass – Justafind (Feat. Tru Story) – Bass – Justafind (Feat. Tru Story) (Prod. Chioz) (
Craig Bass – Blue Sky (Feat. Future) (Prod. by Chioz) – Bass – Blue Skys (Feat. Future) (Prod. by Chioz) (

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