Mash-Up Monday #7: Irn Mnky – How Soon Is MVP? (Big L vs. The Smiths) (.mp3)


I found this track while searching Google looking for a video or a photo of rapper Big L writing to see what hand he wrote with– as I pondered, “Big L? Maybe he’s left handed?” I didn’t find anything relevant to that, so I guess he recited off the dome… but I did stumble across this mash-up of Big L’s M.V.P. and The SmithsHow Soon Is Now? titled How Soon Is MVP? The track was mashed-up by Irn Mnky of the (from what I gather) British DJ/Production collective The White Eyed Tigers. Also check out Irn Mnky’s A Very British American Gangster mash-up tape of Jay-Z‘s American Gangster ‘pellas over various music from British artists old and new.


Irn Mnky – How Soon Is MVP (Big L vs. The Smiths) – Mnky – How Soon Is MVP_ (Big L vs. The Smiths) (

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