Clipse – Warning (Feat. Rock City) (Prod. by The Synth) (.mp3) (Cluh Exclusive)


Here’s a Cluh exclusive produced by The Synth (Ben Hazlegrove and Alex Botwin) featuring brothers Malice and Pusha-T of The Clipse from Virginia and Theron and Timothy of Rock City from the Virgin Islands. The track is to be featured on an upcoming project from The Synth expected later this year. Also check out The Synth in this months HipHop Weeky and on MySpace at

Also, this is not the final mix– so it had to be infected it with tags while it gets prepared for a proper release. Want to complain? There’s a comment button below.


Clipse – Warning (Feat. Rock City) (Produced by The Synth) – – Warning (Feat. Rock City) (Prod. The Synth) ( exclusive).mp3

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