Data Airlines – The Knife (album)

Chiptune record label/collective Data Airlines released this gem back in January and I stumbled upon it a few days ago. It features Zalza, Excellence in Art, Random, Misfitchris, Dubmood and more covering the music of Swedish electro/rock duo The Knife with a chippy, blip-bloopy flare. Listen and download below or read more/sample the album on … Read moreData Airlines – The Knife (album)

No Question? – Got Game? (mixtape)

Guesswho, Whatzisface, Harry Fraud, and DJ Buffalo are No Question? MC’s/producers from Brooklyn, New York, NY and Got Game? is a Hip-Hop project with 8bit/Chiptune/Nintendo inspired instrumentals they made in 2008, but was shelved for one reason or another. Recently, the guys at NYC venue The Yolk met up with Guesswho and asked if they … Read moreNo Question? – Got Game? (mixtape)

Stage 7 – Superheroes (Daft Punk Cover) (.mp3)

You may remember Stage7 from my previous posting of his chiptune/8bit cover of the Daft Punk song Superheroes in the Da Chip! write-up. He intended to release the song with the Barry Manilow sample from the original intact for the compilation but couldn’t due to a reasonable no-sampling clause in the Da Chip! project rules. … Read moreStage 7 – Superheroes (Daft Punk Cover) (.mp3)