Big Gigantic Announce New Album + LIMELIGHT (.mp3)

A Place Behind The Moon, Big Gigantic‘s sophomore album, will be released September 1st, 2010 on 1320 Records. A Place Behind The Moon explores a unique mixture of electronic and acoustic styles, clearly defining a vision the band has conceived and mastered. This is the strongest statement to date by this young duo that effortlessly … Read moreBig Gigantic Announce New Album + LIMELIGHT (.mp3)

Big Gigantic – Wide Awake EP

The title of Big Gigantic‘s latest extended play musical recording from 1320 Records is Wide Awake. The contents of the record will make your head bob and your body move, as it was designed to. Do not be alarmed; events where groups of individuals move their bodies around while listening to Big Gigantic perform have … Read moreBig Gigantic – Wide Awake EP