Sunny & Gabe – FREE CANDY! (EP Listen & Free Download)

Sunny & Gabe - Free Candy EP

The homies Gabe Niles and Sunny Gics whom joined forces as Sunny & Gabe just dropped their debut EP titled Free Candy today!

Here are the liner notes of those involved with it’s production as typed up by Sunny on their website, “Daniel Moore, Nichole Ashikis, drummer extraordinaire Thomas Kargbo, Eric Godsey [Selves – Lover’s Lane], Parris Pierce [Mixing] , Young Titi [Mixing], Ced Hughes [YDS – Hey], Brandon Jarod [Hey], Akeem Duncan & the folks from Quiet Lunch and ROX gallery, DDot Omen, Mike G, Benjamin Briggs, George Booker, Jelisa Osouna, Bradford Davis, the lovers in the 757, Jason Fugh, Alchemy NFK, Lionel Sapp, Christopher “Juschleekee” Revels, Life + Times, A+ room mate Stefan Skeeter and many, many more.”!

Download and listen to it below!

Exclamation points!!!

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Sunny & Gabe : Free Candy (2013) //


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