Stage 7 – Superheroes (Daft Punk Cover) (.mp3)


You may remember Stage7 from my previous posting of his chiptune/8bit cover of the Daft Punk song Superheroes in the Da Chip! write-up. He intended to release the song with the Barry Manilow sample from the original intact for the compilation but couldn’t due to a reasonable no-sampling clause in the Da Chip! project rules. In a comment, he supplied a link to the original describing it as an “improved version of Superheroes that contains [the Manilow] sample (AND the rimshot in the beginning)” The sample kind of reminds me of the Skate or Die 2 synthesized voice.

Check out Stage7 and his other music on the interwebs at


Stage 7 – Superheroes (Daft Punk Cover) – – Superheroes (Daft Punk Cover) (Original) (

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