Röyksopp – Senior Living (Short Film)

“After seeing this particular work by Noel and Stefan, we were left in that bewildered state which we cherish so much; that confusing feeling one gets when exposed to something unesay yet pleasing. And that’s exactly what we found in their vision – their urban dystopia is dark and disturbing, but in between we catch a glimpse of beauty – to us in the form of derelict (well almost), decaying industry. I guess we felt a kinship to this subject matter as it’s the same kind of expression we dealt with on “Senior”, although we spun it around the other way; there’s initial gentle and welcoming beauty, but underneath lies a lowering dark undercurrent – occasionally discharging malaise from it’s murky depths.” – Röyksopp

In other words, “Detroit is fucked up, but abandoned buildings are so0o0o0o cool.”

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