NITE CLUB – Good Life (Kanye Cover) (Video & .mp3) & Left Right (.mp3)

I had saw the video for Brooklyn, NY based Richard Spitzer, known musically as NITE CLUB and his cover of Kanye West’s “Good Life” from Poolsidesign and directed by Yuichi Uchida a few weeks ago, loved it then shot him an email requesting permission to post some .mp3’s on the site. He responded earlier today and gave me the ok– so enjoy the Kanye cover and the sure-to-make-you-move, “Left Right” from NITE CLUB’s new LP “My Tronic” available now in stores and on iTunes, guilt free!

Yui, Kaz, and I sat around and came up with this vision of dream chasing through the eyes of a cat . We follow his journey to create music that communicates with the universe. The schematic force that guides him combines life’s struggle with the euphoric feelings in harmony. Like this video, remaking ‘Good Life’ took me on a path that starts out on the street corner then ends up high the cosmos. Poolsidesigns use of animation and visual trickery bring about their own journey as the story continues. One love to Yeezy and Techno my cat for all the cool chords!


NITE CLUB – Good Life (Kanye West Cover) – CLUB – Good Life (Kanye West Cover) (

NITE CLUB – Left Right – CLUB – Left Right (

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