Mash-Up Monday #3: Usher vs. Keyboard Cat – Play Him Off, In This Club (Video) & ABX – Billie “Wildcat” Jean (.mp3)

The Hood Internet (ABX & DJ STV SLV), Chicago, Illinois based DJs, producers and masher-uppers have been making really cool mash-ups for the last 3 years (at the least.) Their website is located on the internet at song in the video is a mash of Usher‘s “Love In This Club” over the music of recent YouTube phenom, the late housecat and musician, Fatso (also known as “Keyboard Cat“.)

Below is another feline mash-up by ABX of The Hood, that combined Ratatat‘s ill instrumentals and geeetar riffs from their song “Wildcat” with the timeless vocals from the Michael Jackson classic, “Billie Jean” to form “Billy ‘Wildcat’ Jean“– kind of a post-humous a.k.a. naming for Mrs. Jean.

Also, I have more independent artistry and .mp3’s coming… I’ve been busy the last few days to appropriately research/compose meaningful write-ups for the artists and their musics. I haven’t forgot.


ABX – Billie “Wildcat” Jean –

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