Intalek – Believe The Hype: Best of Intalek (Mixtape)

Intalek - Believe The Hype (front)

With the heavy increase on lyricism budding in the hip hop world today, artists find themselves standing out more and more by the hour. Music seems to be reaching a new renaissance with underground, independent, and rising artists placing more emphasis in what they say and how it is being conveyed. Intalek, a 22-year-old rising hip hop star from Virginia Beach, VA, seems right at home with the new wave of music. With the success of his two online underground mixtapes, Square One: The Mixtape in 2008 and HelloSpaceWorld earlier in 2009, Intalek links up with super producer Grussle of the DC-based production group The VilliaNz to create a compilation of his new and previous works to give his fans something to enjoy. The Believe The Hype: Best of Intalek mixtape hosted by me, Ray of gives his fans more than they bargained for, with commentary from Intalek, himself, along with songs and freestyles that showcase his knack for lyricism, flow, and his uncanny yet witty foundation within hip hop. Fans and new listeners, alike, will definitely appreciate this breath of fresh air Intalek is giving the hip hop world.


Believe The Hype: Best of Intalek

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