g2{fx} & Phillip Morton – Clyde Comedy Launch (Video)

Gene Gonzales, known as g2{fx}, is a motion graphics extraordinaire residing in Norfolk, Virginia. Gene is currently the art director for WVEC.TV 13 and is responsible for 13 News having the best looking motion graphics out of all the 757 news programs, period. With 10 Emmy awards, a BDA award and an Addy under his belt for his outstanding work, it’s hard to argue.

The above piece, a promo/launch video for Clyde Comedy (clydecomedy.com) was produced by Philip Morton with Gene as Mr. Motion Director man. It’s look and feel was developed from inspiration from Saul Bass‘ work (designer of the original Psycho title sequence) and the title sequence of ‘Catch Me If You Can.’

More of Gene’s award winning work can be viewed at http://g2fx.com and Gene can also be followed on Twitter @g2fx.

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