E*Klipse Tha Champoo – That’s Awesome


From what I gather after reading E*Klipse Tha Champoo‘s MySpace page, Twitter, blog and listening to his new mixtape titled That’s Awesome featuring music produced by himself, Gifted Presence, Mel V. and J. Dilla (RIP) with guest appearances by Mrs. Proper, Kwalified MC and Zoo is that he lives in west Texas and has roots in south-east Virginia.

Hooray for run-on sentences.

Did I forget mention that this mixtape is solid as a brick?


E*Klipse Tha Champoo – Down

http://thecluh.com/mp3/E-Klipse Tha Champloo – Down (thecluh.com).mp3


E-Klipse Tha Champloo – That’s Awesome (mixtape) – http://usershare.net/3zsdd5z6ns89

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