Dre Skull – I Want You (Dre Skull Remix) (.mp3)


Brooklyn, NY based electronic/club/reggae/house uhh, musician/group, I’m not really sure, but it goes by the name Dre Skull and they/he is/are on Mixpak Records. It added me on MySpace yesterday. I checked out the music and I loved the “I Want You” single on the playlist. I danced around in my room to it, because for those who know and have seen it, my room is a dancefloor. Considering the dancing I had done and the bumping of my head the music caused me to do, I messaged Dre asking if I could post an mp3 of theirs/his on The Cluh. About an hour later I received a response giving me the go, so now everyone can freely bump a remix of I Want You made by Dre Skull him/themself(ves). Check out the Dre Skull MySpace page for more info and music.

Dre Skull – I Want You (Dre Skull Remix) – http://zshare.net/audio/61650462815e12a5/

http://thecluh.com/mp3/Dre Skull – I Want You (Dre Skull Remix) (thecluh.com).mp3

P.S: I checked around Google and some blogs refer to Dre Skull as a “he” and others as a “group” and on the MySpace page it shows two dudes on two EP covers but doesn’t really say anything about wether or not it’s a group or a lone musician. I don’t even want to know the facts. I perfer it to be a mystery.

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