Drake – The Breast I Ever Had (Video)

A big wow goes out to Kanye West for fucking this one up. I would have done it too if I had an ego the size of his (at least the ego portrayed in his professional career, I’ve never met him personally to know otherwise) and the chance to direct someone on my heels like Drake.

I get the message, kind of… outside of all the innuendos, that women shouldn’t be whores and being a whore just makes those women losers, as shown at the end of the video– too much ‘stretching’, too much ‘D’, etc. and losing the game in the end. Most won’t get that though. They just fucked it up. I hope Drake would Kanye it up a bit more and have multiple videos for this track to make up for the disservice this has done to his career and those watching it.

Marketing wise, it’s genius. I’ve seen the hit counts on Vimeo, OnSmash and YouTube. His label(s) are happy; money is being made, but according to the Twitter blasts I’ve seen about it, the fans aren’t amused at all.

Drake himself said it best, “But slip up and shoot the wrong fucking video | And they think they can market you | However they decide to, naw.

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