Data Airlines – The Knife (album)

Chiptune record label/collective Data Airlines released this gem back in January and I stumbled upon it a few days ago. It features Zalza, Excellence in Art, Random, Misfitchris, Dubmood and more covering the music of Swedish electro/rock duo The Knife with a chippy, blip-bloopy flare. Listen and download below or read more/sample the album on the Data Airlines release page, here.

Listen & Download:

Data Airlines – The Knife (album) –

Maskinoperatör – The Captain (Feat. Malin Vega) –

Maskinoperatör – The Captain feat Malin Vega

Misfitchris – Na Na Na –

Misfitchris – Na Na Na

Syphus – Heartbeats (Live at GameCity09) –

Syphus – Heartbeats (Live at GameCity09)

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