Daniel Merriweather – Impossible (Video)

This track, from Australian R&B singer/songwriter Daniel Merriweather titled ‘Impossible‘ was produced by Mark Ronson. It sounds like it may contain sample(s) from the Zager and Evans song ‘In The Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)‘ that was written in 1964, released independently in 1967 and released nationally in 1969. Either way, the song is a good listen.

I would have posted his song ‘Change‘ featuring Wale, but his stupid record label (J Records/Sony) disabled embedding of the video on YouTube. Seriously. I hate big record labels for doing stupid shit like that; especially since I was going to embed it to help promote Daniel and his new album, Love & War available in stores and online now. Click here to see the video for ‘Change’ as the major labels are run by paranoid old people whom do not understand modern methods of promotion.

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