Jay Pharaoh and Pusha T backstage at SNL

Virginia comedian and new Saturday Night Live cast member, Jay Pharaoh doing his Denzel Washington impression with Virginia rapper and new G.O.O.D. Music cast member, Pusha T backstage at SNL after his performance with Kanye West on October 3, 2010.

Scarface School Play + Deborah Harry – Rush Rush (.mp3)

This was put up yesterday and is internet comedy gold. It isn’t a real school play. Below is the song “Rush Rush” from the 1983 Scarface soundtrack. Listen & Download: Deborah Harry – Rush Rush – http://usershare.net/3ptook0l9o8q http://butterteam.com/02_-_deborah_harry_-_rush_rush.mp3

RE1000’S INTERNET COMEDY GOLD: Look at this F-ing Hipster

My friend Ray internetally known as RE1000 (http://twitter.com/re1000), IM’s me links to INTERNET COMEDY GOLD all the time. I decided to exploit those links he sends me because I get ‘weak‘ from reading the blogs/sites linked in the links. Earlier this morning he sent me http://latfh.com. It needs no explanation, IT’S GOLD.