Are Pure – Pay Your Child Support (Mixtape), The Shout Out (.mp3) & DownSide Up (Feat. Ced Hughes) (.mp3)


I hate calling compact discs & .zip/.rar/.torrent files with 12 to 20 songs on/in them “mixtapes” when they deserve to be called “albums”– especially when they don’t contain a DJ yelling after each track or annoying airhorn noises for the first 15 seconds of each song. Either way, the following download from Hartford, CT rap artist, writer and performer, Are Pure is one of those mixtape street album albums that deserves more than just being in your CD player or iPod. It’s that good; very polished stuff.

Pure’s message is great too– theres a song about slackers needing jobs, one about not spending your money stupidly, one about single mothers and beatings (‘gotta represent the single ladies holding it down for their kids!) and the title message “Pay Your Child Support.”

Not to get you thinking it’s just filled with conscious messages, the songs and production get more than just your mind moving. For example, the track “Pornstars & White Girls” over Busta Rhymes‘ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” or the stand out track and radio ready (and not on that bull…), DownSide Up featuring Rebel-E and NC/VA representative, Ced Hughes. I can’t help but to bob my head to it and get visuals of a Hype Williams directed video in the vain of an old Busta video. Colorful.


Are Pure – Pay Your Child Support (Mixtape) –

Are Pure – DownSide Up (Feat. Ced Hughes) (Produced By Speek) – Pure – DownSide Up (Feat. Ced Hughes) (Produced By Speek) (

Are Pure – The Shout Out (Produced By Aviles) – Pure – The Shout Out (Produced By Aviles) (

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