– Really Bad Colors Northside Montage

New stuff from my other site, Features clips shot at Northside Skate Plaza in Norfolk, Virginia during the last 3 or so months. The skateboarders include: Chase Norman, Chad Schley, Chris Vaneekelen, Chase Norman, Neilson Thornton, Chase Norman, Chase Norman, Trey Hill, Evan Dwyer, Chase Norman, and others. The video was shot with a … Read – Really Bad Colors Northside Montage

Skate Perception 2010 Montage

Dave Carulli got really epic with the 2010 Skate Perception montage. He used music from Anamanaguchi and the font fromĀ A Link to the Past which made my nerd pants sort of wet. Watch the entire video for the list of credits. Listen & Download: Anamanaguchi – Mess –