Lissie – Pursuit Of Happiness (Kid Cudi cover) (Live)

American folk singer/guitarist, Lissie performed this cover of Kid Cudi‘s Pursuit of Happiness live in Brighton, East Sussex, UK. Her single & album Catching A Tiger came out June 21st in the UK. The album comes out in the US on August 18th, 2010. For more information, visit her website. Listen & Download: Lissie – … Read moreLissie – Pursuit Of Happiness (Kid Cudi cover) (Live)

Dante Lewis – Turns To Gold– White Soft Porn (Feat. Baby E) (Prod. by Dante Lewis, Esq.)

This was released a few days ago. Composed by Dante Lewis, Esquire with Baby E singing the chorus. Listen & Download: Dante Lewis – Turns To Gold– White Soft Porn (Feat. Baby E) (Prod. by Dante Lewis, Esq.) – Lewis – Turns To Gold.mp3

Dinosaur Feathers – Teenage Whore (Video + .mp3)

Above is the music video for Dinosaur Feathers‘ Teenage Whore and it is directed by The Moonmen. I really, really like the trippy kaleidoscope visuals near the end of the song; which reminds me of a playful version of Band of Horses. The song is from their debut album, Fantasy Memorial, released independently by them. Check their website for … Read moreDinosaur Feathers – Teenage Whore (Video + .mp3)

Whitey – Leave Them All Behind (.mp3)

I originally discovered this track through the February 2006 promo for Lakai Footwear‘s Fully Flared skateboard video, both of which are awesome. Listen & Download: Whitey – Leave Them All Behind – – Leave Them All Behind h5.mp3

Fritz The Cat

I’ve always loved the soundtrack from the 1972 animated feature Fritz The Cat (based of the comic by Robert Crumb.) The film was the first animation to receive an X rating. The entire film can be watched in 10 minute increments via YouTube. Listen & Download (.MP3): Alice Stuart – Fritz The Cat – Stuart … Read moreFritz The Cat

Bei Maejor – Gamez (Feat. Keri Hilson)

Friend of The Cluh, Bei Maejor just released the single Gamez featuring Keri Hilson from his upcoming mixtape, u?op ?p?sdn. The song, with video game sounds and a chiptuney feel, is still accessible to the mainstream. The mixtape will be out soon and is free. Listen & Download (.MP3): Bei Maejor – Gamez (Feat. Keri Hilson) – … Read moreBei Maejor – Gamez (Feat. Keri Hilson)

Adam Tensta

Adam Tensta is a sweet Sweedish rapper from Stockholm, Sweeden. Above is the video for his song Dopeboy featuring fellow Stockhom rapper, Eboi. Below is the video for another Sweedish rapper, Pato Pooh‘s song Follow Me featuring Adam Tensta, along with .MP3 downloads. Listen & Download: Adam Tensta – 80’s Baby – Tensta … Read moreAdam Tensta

Chronic Trigger

Whomever made* the beat for Wiz Khalifa‘s Never Been off the mixtape Kush & Orange Juice sampled the Yasunori Mitsuda composed Schala’s Theme from the Super Nintendo RPG, Chrono Trigger. In an interview with Japan’s Weekly Famitsu, Yasunori recalled hardships during the making of the soundtrack: “I was in a slump because I couldn’t compose anything, I … Read moreChronic Trigger

HiCLAS! – Shootingstar Life (x Philippians) & Cien (Feel It All Around) (x Washed Out)

HiCLAS! raps over Philippians‘ Goodnite Life and Washed Out‘s Feel It All Around. Listen & Download: HiCLAS! – Shootingstar Life (Prod. By Philippians) – – Shootingstar Life (Prod. By Philippians).mp3 HiCLAS! – Cien (Feel It All Around) (Feat. Washed Out) – – Cien (Feel It All Around) (Feat. Washed Out).mp3

This Is Only A Test

New video blog/short film from Cluh homie, Malice (of the Clipse) featuring Jacob and Tyler from the band Mae making an appearance as Jesus and the devil. Shot and edited by Shomi of the Illusive Media with music supervision by myself. The devil is dope… Listen & Download: The Dramatics – The Devil is Dope … Read moreThis Is Only A Test

Ced Hughes x Hudson Mohawke – Margarine (EP) (Presented by The Cluh, Illusive Media & Infamous Jean-Claude)

The Cluh, Illusive Media and Infamous Jean-Claude bring you Ced Hughes rapping over other peoples beats music produced by Hudson Mohawke from his album Butter. It’s titled Margarine and is available for listening and downloading at the page below– in beautiful 320 kbps .MP3 sound. Download Page:

Benny Benassi – Spaceship (Feat. Kelis, and Jean Baptiste)

It’s like the electronic pop stuff that’s on the top 40 stations, but not as shitty… plus Kelis is awesome and Benny Benassi is the man. Listen & Download: Benny Benassi – Spaceship (Feat. Kelis, and Jean Baptiste) – Benassi – Spaceship (Feat. Kelis, and Jean Baptiste).mp3